Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge Excursion


Hey – I added some new photos to my Flickr account! I would have uploaded these sooner, but I’ve been just getting over a Bronchitis infection that I’ve had since Halloween.

I walked around Nisqually Wildlife Refuge on October 29th, and observed a lot of different birds all interacting with each other. First I walked around the estuary bordering the edge of the riparian forest- it was filled with a moderate amount of water, enough for migrating ducks to feed and birds of prey to try and snatch them up! Every time a bird of prey would soar overhead, the ducks took off in large flocks, all cackling in protest.

I then walked up to the boardwalk and saw a Northern Shrike zooming from one bush to the next. I kept being bombarded by a giant cloud of tiny insects out on the walkway (they didn’t seem to be mosquitoes, so I’m not sure what they were).

Then I turned around and headed back toward the forest path and found some songbirds and a Pacific Tree Frog hiding in the bushes.

Here’s a link to look at them:

Until next time!

– Megan

One thought on “Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge Excursion

  1. Dear Megan, Grandma and I just looked at your wonderful pictures and enjoyed them greatly. Write us a little letter, we miss you and love you greatly. Love, Grandpa and Grandma

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